HPV vaccine, Brexit, Louis CK
HPV jabs reduce need for more smear tests; Brexit date set for 2019; Louis CK accused of sexual harassment (Photos: Getty Images)


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Government sets Brexit date for 2019

The government has indicated that Britain’s exit from the European Union will officially take place at 11pm on March 29, 2019, the day that Article 50 comes to an end, reports have said. The official date Brexit will become enshrined in the EU Withdrawal Bill. Theresa May has warned MPs to steer clear of attempting to block or slow down the Brexit process. According to the government, 300 amendments to the Withdrawal Bill have been made so far.
Sky News

Five women accuse Louis CK of sexual harassment

Comedian Louis CK has been accused of sexual misconduct by five women, according to a report in The New York Times yesterday. Speaking to the newspaper, the women recalled a number of incidents in which the I Love You, Daddy director masturbated in front of them without their consent, or requested to masturbate in front of them. CK’s premiere of his controversial film, I Love You, Daddy, was cancelled suddenly yesterday, as well as a scheduled appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.
The New York Times

HPV Vaccine diminishes need for smear tests

Women who have received the HPV vaccine do not have to have any more than three smear tests in their lifetime once they reach the age of 25, a study has suggested. According to the International Journal of Cancer, just three screenings for those who have had the jab are considered as effective as the 12 sessions currently offered to patients. As reported in The Times, women’s 2.2 per cent risk of developing cervical cancer is reduced to 0.8 per cent through screenings alone, with a further reduction to 0.3 per cent for women who have had the HPV vaccine.
The Times

Thousands of children denied mental-health treatment

More than 100,000 children who have been referred to local mental-health treatment in the last two years have missed out on mental-health services, a Freedom of Information Request from the NSPCC has revealed. Of 652,023 child and adolescent mental-health services cases under NHS Trusts in England, 109,613 children were denied treatment. Warning of the dangers of failing to treat mental illness at a young age, the children’s cruelty-prevention charity also suggested that the true figure of those rejected from receiving mental-health care could be much higher. One in five NHS Trusts that responded to the request chose to conceal recorded figures of unsuccessful referrals.
ITV News

John Lewis releases multi-million pound Christmas ad

John Lewis has premiered its much-anticipated 2017 Christmas advert, which follows a little boy who has a snoring monster called Moz living under his bed. The two-minute £7m advert, soundtracked by The Beatles’ Golden Slumbers, was directed by Oscar-winning director Michel Gondry and shot over several months.

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HPV jabs reduce need for more smear tests; Brexit date set for 2019; Louis CK accused of sexual harassment (Photos: Getty Images)
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