Priti Patel, Kevin Spacey, Iron Man
Priti Patel resigns; Kevin Spacey cut from Ridley Scott film; Real life Iron Man breaks world record (Photos: Getty Images)


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Priti Patel resigns following unauthorised meetings with Israeli politicians

Conservative MP Priti Patel resigned as international development secretary yesterday after it was revealed that she had attended several unauthorised meetings with Israeli officials. News of her resignation came after she returned to the UK from a planned trip to East Africa at the Prime Minister’s request. Patel’s departure marks the second cabinet resignation in just over a week, with Michael Fallon having stepped down as defence secretary last Wednesday.
The Independent

Donald Trump calls on China to put pressure on North Korea

Donald Trump has urged China to “fix” the “problem” of North Korea during an address at a business event in Beijing. Speaking of the United States’s commitment “to the complete and permanent denuclearisation of North Korea,” Trump called for the unity of “all nations” in the fight against North Korea’s regime. Taking a softer approach towards China than in previous months, Trump also said that he did not “blame China” for what he considered to be an unfair trade relationship between the two nations.
Sky News

Kevin Spacey cut from Ridley Scott film in light of abuse allegations

Kevin Spacey has been edited out of Ridley Scott’s upcoming J Paul Getty biopic just over a month before the film’s release. The decision to cut the actor from the film – All The Money In The World – comes in the wake of a series of allegations of sexual assault on the part of Spacey, who will now be replaced in the film by Christopher Plummer. The news comes after the mother of another alleged sexual abuse victim came forward yesterday accusing Spacey of assaulting her son when he was 18.

Breast cancer can recur after laying dormant for 15 years

Breast cancer has the ability to resurface even after remaining dormant for fifteen years, a study from the Early Breast Cancer Trialists’ Collaborative Group has found. Cancer-free patients were found to be at risk of developing tumours up to 20 years after first diagnosis despite receiving successful treatment. Women who have had sizeable tumours and cancer that spread to over four lymph nodes were at the highest risk for developing cancer again, with a 40 per cent risk of cancer recurring in another part of the body 15 years after treatment had ended.
ITV News

Real-life iron man breaks world record

British inventor Richard Browning has become the first person to be awarded the Guinness World Record for achieving the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine power suit. The Iron Man-esque feat was achieved when Browning reached speeds of 32.02 mph while flying over a lake at Lagoona Park, Reading. Browning has expressed wishes for his suit, Daedalus, to fly thousands of feet at a few hundred miles per hour in the future,  although he admitted achieving greater speeds and heights would be "a litle way off" during a Ted talk earlier this year.

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Priti Patel resigns; Kevin Spacey cut from Ridley Scott film; Real life Iron Man breaks world record (Photos: Getty Images)
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