Donald Trump, acid attack victim on catwalk, child sitting curled up
Donald Trump to make low-key state visit; Bangladeshi acid attack victims take part in fashion show; record number of children in care (Photos: Getty Images)


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Prime minister condemns Harvey Weinstein’s behaviour

Theresa May has praised women for exposing the behaviour of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. May’s spokesman said: “Anyone who comes forward to report these kind of allegations should be praised for their courage”, after calling for a full investigation into mounting allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Weinstein. A number of MPs have also signed a letter encouraging the prime minister to strip Weinstein of his CBE, The Independent reports. Industry support for the formerly lauded Miramax co-founder is also beginning to dwindle, with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts having cancelled his membership yesterday, while the Oscars Academy has announced its intentions to hold emergency talks over the matter. Model and actress Cara Delevingne is among the latest women to come forward with allegations against Weinstein.
BBC News

Trump to make stripped-down state visit in early 2018

President Donald Trump will make a low-key state visit to Britain next year as part of a larger tour of major European cities. The visit, which is reported to have been arranged at the last minute, could see Trump meet the Queen in a less formal setting than originally planned when talk first emerged of a state visit earlier this year. Trump is expected to visit various capitals in Europe as a means of gaining support over his approach to the Iran nuclear arms deal and North Korea. 
The Times

Record number of children in care

The number of children in care has hit record highs, with as many as 90 children taken into care per day last year. The total figure for children awaiting adoption or in foster care reached 72,670 in the year 2016-17, up from 70,440 the previous year. Councillor Richard Watt from the Local Government Association referred to the spike as evidence that “children’s services are at a tipping point”. Adding: ““Last year saw the biggest rise in the number of children in care for seven years. With 90 children coming into care every day, our calls for urgent funding to support these children and invest in children and their families are becoming increasingly urgent.”
The Sun

Gucci to go fur-free in 2018

Italian fashion brand Gucci will auction off fur clothing and put an end to fur production, Gucci CEO and president Marco Bizzarri said yesterday. During a London College of Fashion talk, Bizzarri spoke of the fashion house’s “absolute commitment to making sustainability an intrinsic part of our business”, before praising Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, for helping to make the vision a reality. Gucci’s spring/summer 2018 collection won’t feature any fur, while a charity auction that will see proceeds go to animal rights organisations is due to be held in the near future.

Bangladeshi acid attack victims catwalk in London

A group of Bangladeshi women who have suffered acid attacks took to the catwalk as part of an ActionAid campaign encouraging people to “break the silence” around violence against women. The fashion show took place in East London on Tuesday evening with eight volunteers, some of whom had been attacked by close family friends, and saw the women dance down the catwalk in a bid to raise awareness about the issue. Farah Kabir, Country Director for ActionAid Bangladesh, Farah Kabir, said: "It’s vital that we act together to make our women and girls secure and live with dignity – we cannot sit back and accept such a heinous crime."  


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Donald Trump to make low-key state visit; Bangladeshi acid attack victims take part in fashion show; record number of children in care (Photos: Getty Images)
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