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Photo: Facebook


There are now more women in Mark Zuckerberg’s family than on Facebook’s board

Welcome to your world, August!

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By Emily Baker on

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg welcomed his second daughter, August, to the world yesterday with a letter and photo on his personal Facebook page. August joins mum Priscilla and sister Max, to bring the total of women in the Zuckerberg clan to three.

As pointed out by Melanie Ehrenkranz on Twitter, on Facebook’s board of directors that number still stands at just two, meaning there are now more women in Zuckerberg’s family than running his global network.

According to Bloomberg, the only women granted access to Facebook’s hallowed boardroom are Susan Desmond-Hellmann MD, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and, of course, Sheryl Sandberg.

In Zuckerberg’s letter to August, the CEO and his wife told their newborn of the importance of childhood and hoped she wouldn’t grow up “too quickly”.

Hopefully, the new addition can inspire Zuckerberg to put more women behind the big desk.


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Photo: Facebook
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