Fields Medal winner Maryam Mirzakhani died aged 40; Jodie Whittaker is first female Dr Who; Brexit talks resume in Brussels (Photos: Getty Images) 


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Brexit talks resume in brussels

David Davis has called for Brexit talks to “get down to business” as negotiations over the UK’s departure from the European Union continue. The second round of formal talks will begin today. Davis, who is in Brussels for the discussion, said his priority was to “lift the uncertainty” for EU citizens living in the UK and Britons who reside in the EU. “We made a good start last month,” Davis said, “and this week we’ll be getting into the real substance.”

UK will look at harsher prison sentences for acid attacks

Amber Rudd has promised that Britain will look into implementing much tougher prison sentences for perpetrators of acid attacks, following a sharp rise of attacks in the UK. Home secretary Rudd said that there had been a “worrying increase” in reports of attacks using acid or similar corrosive substances. “We can, and will, improve our response,” she said in an interview over the weekend. “It will include a wide-ranging review of the law enforcement and criminal-justice response, of existing legislation, of access to harmful products and of the support offered to victims.” 

Maryam Mirzakhani, first woman to win maths Fields Medal, dies 

The first woman ever to win the highly esteemed Fields Medal for mathematics has died aged 40. Iranian-born Maryam Mirzakhani passed away in a US hospital following a cancer battle. The Iranian press ran pictures of Mirzakhani without a head covering on their front pages to pay tribute to her, breaking their strict rules over female dress. Tributes were led by the Mirzakhani’s friend, Firouz Naderi, who announced her death on Instagram on Saturday. “A light was turned off today,” wrote Naderi. “It breaks my heart.” Naderi, who was a former director of solar systems exploration at NASA, described her as “a genius? Yes. But also a daughter, a mother and a wife". 
The Telegraph 

Stressful life events can increase risk of Alzheimer's in later life 

Experts have found that very stressful life experiences can have a significant impact on the brain, ageing it by several years, in new research presented this week. A team from Wisconsin University’s school of medicine and public health in the US said that their study showed even just one major stressful life event – divorce, losing a child or growing up with a parent who abused alcohol or drugs – was directly linked to poorer cognitive function later in life. The review has not yet been published, but was presented at the Alzheimer’s Association international conference in London.
The Guardian

Jodie Whittaker is named as the first female Dr Who

The BBC had named Jodie Whittaker as the long-awaited 13th Doctor – and the first-ever female Time Lord. Social media was tipped into a frenzy last night, as many debated why it had taken so long for a woman to be offered the role, and what a great role model the new Doctor would be for young girls watching the show. However, many disagreed and said that the role should remain male, simply because it has never previously been a played by a woman. 


Fields Medal winner Maryam Mirzakhani died aged 40; Jodie Whittaker is first female Dr Who; Brexit talks resume in Brussels (Photos: Getty Images) 
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