Photo: Instagram @aurosa_official
Photo: Instagram @aurosa_official
Photo: Instagram @aurosa_official


There is a ‘beer for women’. Give us strength

It’s time to give up on the gender marketing and let us all drink beer

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By Emily Baker on

Women buy shit, and for years this knowledge has been used to sell women more shit: pink razors, pink pencils, pink lighters, pink everything because women like pink. Women (who like pink) are responsible for 70-80 per cent of consumer purchasing, and since razors, pencils and lighters are typically masculine products (blue), they need that extra push of feminine marketing to make women buy the shit.

Now we have to endure a beer “for women”.  

Aurosa, a semi-dark beer brewed in Prague, is a lady beer because it comes in a slim, pink, marble-effect bottle. According to their online shop, it has a “unique, unmistakably strong taste that is adapted to the elegance of women”. Whatever that means.

Women also love Instagram, and Aurosa’s account features skinny girls on holiday against beautiful tiles in grey, white and pinks hues. The hashtags read #BeerForHer, #premiumbeer and #lifestyle. It’s faux-aspirational to the highest level.

Did I mention that one 330ml of Aurosa is €10? Of course it is. Products aimed at women are 21 per cent more expensive on average.

The #BeerForHer has been receiving a backlash online and Aurosa has released a statement claiming Aurosa “never intended to dictate what women should or shouldn’t drink”, but their pointing to a non-existent gender difference in beer drinking alongside a glossy Instagram account suggests otherwise.

Beer is beer is beer. Leave us alone.


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