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Women and friendship: a cheat sheet for “nice guys”

It seems some men are still struggling with the concept of being just friends with a woman

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By Emily Baker on

“Using guys for friends is just as psychologically damaging as using girls for sex.”

This is a Facebook status shared on the subreddit “Nice Guys”. It’s a thread for users to post examples of men who think they are owed something – usually sex – simply for being nice to a woman. It’s full of unsolicited “compliments”, nice-guys-finish-last sentiments and an overwhelming amount of angry men who didn’t receive replies from girls they fancy on Twitter.

The man who wrote this particular status seems a little confused about what friendship means, specifically the friendships he has with women. Though it’s hard to believe that these points bear repeating, here are a few rules for nice guys to remember when making friends with women:

  • “Using men for friendship” is not a thing. That is friendship.
  • Sex is not the ultimate goal in knowing a woman.
  • Not all women want to have sex with you.
  • The “friend zone” only exists in your mind.
  • Women do not owe you sex in return for friendship.
  • Women do not owe you sex in return for anything.
  • Women do not owe you sex.

Hope that helps.


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