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A girl in Ireland was denied an abortion and then sectioned

The girl was told an abortion would not be a “solution” despite her suicidal thoughts over the pregnancy

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By Emily Baker on

A young girl in Ireland was sectioned by a psychiatrist after being denied an abortion, reports The Irish Times.

Last year, a court made the order to section the girl under the Mental Health Act, as she was at risk of suicide and self-harm because of her unwanted pregnancy. However, the psychiatrist deemed an abortion was “not the solution for all the child’s problems at this stage".

The girl was discharged a few days later, after a second psychiatrist said the girl did not suffer from any mental disorders, so could not be detained under the Act.

Activist group Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC) released a statement to express their “deep concern” over the section order. ARC spokesperson Linda Kavanagh said: “This country cannot continue to treat women, girls, and pregnant people like this. This case shows a law that is supposed to help pregnant people access the care they need is instead being weaponised against them. Women in Ireland deserve abortion access, we deserve maternity and mental health services that include abortion access."

The Irish Times


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