The New Yorker cover (Illustration: Malika Favre)


Women surgeons are recreating this empowering New Yorker cover

The New Yorker cover (Illustration: Malika Favre)

The surgery field is dominated by men, but the hashtag #ILookLikeASurgeon is offering visibility to the female minority

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By Emily Baker on

Women surgeons around the world are recreating the inspiring cover of The New Yorker’s Health, Medicine & the Body issue to increase visibility of female surgeons in a male dominated field. The original illustration, “Operating Theatre” by French artist Malika Favre, shows four female surgeons working over a patient, and it’s a beautiful, powerful image.

Since the release of the magazine earlier in April, real female surgeons have been posting their own versions of the cover on social media with the hashtag #ILookLikeASurgeon. It was endocrine surgeon Susan Pitt’s idea, as she was inspired by the representation of women of colour in the white, male dominated world of medicine. According to the British Medical Journal, just 10 per cent of surgeons on the General Medical Council register are women despite making up over half the number of doctors in training.

The photos of the surgeons are an effecting and inspiring gesture for women not just in medicine, but in all male-dominated workplaces. Speaking to The New Yorker, Pitt said, “women surgeons are saying to other women surgeons, ‘I see you,’ and to the world, ‘See us’.” 



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The New Yorker cover (Illustration: Malika Favre)
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