Refuge releases powerful new music video about domestic violence

The video, set to a song by singer-songwriter Frances, aims to show women suffering Domestic Violence that they are not alone

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Brit-Award nominated singer-songwriter Frances has teamed up with domestic violence charity Refuge to create a powerful music video as part of a new initiative, which aims to let young women experiencing domestic violence know they’re not alone and can seek help. 

The video for "Grow" shows a woman represented as transparent, isolated and alone going through her daily life. When someone from Refuge offers help, the woman becomes solid again and more confident, walking past the house with the abuser in instead of going in. At the end of the video, it is revealed that the story is based on that of a real woman, Melanie Clarke, who is a domestic violence survivor and a former Refuge client. 

Clarke told The Pool, “When I left my abusive partner, I felt really lost. After so many years of being belittled and isolated and controlled, I felt like I wasn’t myself anymore – like I was in pieces. Refuge put me back together again. They supported me to realise that what I had experienced was not my fault, and that I should not feel any guilt. Refuge showed me I was not alone; at the support group, there were lots of women like me who had rebuilt their lives following abuse, and I realised I could do the same. It was like a light going on. Now my children and I are happy, and I am really proud of myself.”

The video was inspired by research from the charity which showed that 50 per cent of young women experience controlling behaviours from a partner, and a third of young people “would not know where to turn to for support”. The same amount of young people said “they find it difficult to define the line between a caring action and a controlling one.” 

The singer Frances tweeted “Nobody is alone, and to anybody who is in an abusive relationship - @RefugeCharity is here to help you.” She added “I’m so happy they chose 'Grow' to accompany the video and I hope it will provide the emotional impact needed in order to get it shared.”

If you think you may be experiencing abuse, you are not alone. For support and information, visit


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