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Girls in Leeds are missing school because they don’t have access to period products

Teachers contacted charity Freedom4Girls when they discovered girls from low-income families were avoiding school when on their period

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By Emily Baker on

Period poverty is a problem in the UK. Last September, the Scottish parliament debated providing free tampons and pads to women who cannot afford them. Boots set up sanitary-product donation points in store, encouraging shoppers to buy an extra box to give away.

Yesterday, Metro reported that, in Leeds, girls from low-income families were missing school because they didn’t have access to period products. The students were too embarrassed to go to school.

Teachers at a school contacted charity Freedom4Girls, whose main initiative is to send period products to young women in Africa. Tina Leslie, project coordinator for the project, told the paper that this is a bigger problem than we probably know: “What we’ve heard is the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure.”

Access to sanitary pads and tampons is access to dignity and confidence for schoolgirls not only in developing countries, but the UK, too. The physicality of being a woman should not block access to education.

Donate to Freedom4Girls here.


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