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Boots is joining the fight to end period poverty

The biggest pharmacy on the high street is trialling in-store sanitary-product donation points

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By Emily Baker on

According to the latest stats from The Trussell Trust, over 500,000 emergency parcels were distributed to people in crisis between April and September this year. Alongside food, these packs contained other essential items, including tampons and sanitary pads.

The price of sanitary products eludes no one, especially in light of the “tampon tax” debates in the last year. Many women simply cannot afford the £18,000 it costs to have a period in their lifetime, so rely on donations to food banks.

Boots has now joined the effort to end “period poverty” by trialling a sanitary-product donation point in their Dewsbury store, after a meeting with the shadow minister for women and equalities and MP for Dewsbury, Paula Sherriff. The company themselves also plans to donate tampons and pads directly to food banks. 

Speaking to The Guardian, Una Kent, director of external communications for Boots UK, said, “Supporting the essential hygiene needs of people is as vital today as it was then and it’s these items that are often most needed by food banks.”

If the trial goes well, the donation points will be established in Boots stores across the country.

You can find your nearest food bank to donate to here.

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