These illustrations brilliantly summarise the double standards women face

Artist Daisy Bernard has created a series of images that speak a thousand words about everyday double standards

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By Caroline O'Donoghue on

Let's hear it for illustrators. Right? In a time where women are forced to strip their clothes off on French beaches (Jesus, France, you're going to need to do some serious Eiffel Tower-themed PR to make us forget about that one) and depressing news reports and studies are being churned out hourly, illustrators, cartoonists and designers are getting ever more efficient at summarising horrible things beautifully. This on creating safe spaces for Islamic women is fantastic, and this story by Amy Jones curates some of the most beautiful, stirring artwork that appeared after the Burkini ban.

Now Daisy Bernard has created a series of illustrations that depict the double standards women are faced with in every aspect of their lives. 

"What to wear to the beach isn’t the only example of  the unreasonable advice women are forced to endure daily," writes Bernard for The Tab. "We’re constantly set conflicting expectations on how to look (wear makeup but look natural) or how to behave at work (act like a lady, think like a boss) or in relationships (don’t be a slut but don’t be frigid)."

Bernard's take on relationships is interesting, and perfectly captures something I've often wondered about: you live in fear of being someone's nagging missus, but doubly, you run the risk of being labelled the doormat who was too soft to stand up to her partner. 

Sometimes it takes a gorgeous talent to render something truly awful, and it's nice to see it being done by Daisy Bernard here. It probably couldn't hurt to print a few copies of these to wallet-size and flash them whenever the opportunity arises. Believe me, the opportunity will arise. 


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