From left to right: Jeremy Corbyn; Fay Hough; Jamie Oliver; Boris Johnson


What the world looks like this morning

Strange, to say the very least

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1. Call off the search. The Chancellor has been found. 
George Osborne has finally been located. Many people had noted the Chancellor and Vote Remain campaigner’s absence during the last three days. Over the weekend, Channel 4 News political editor Michael Crick had a few questions:


2. There’s a lot of #Bremorse
Some people who voted Leave who now say they didn’t really mean it. For my physical and mental health, let’s just move on. 

3. Boris loves Europe – more than ever
In his Telegraph column, the favourite to replace David Cameron and leader of the Leave campaign, noted that he was in favour of free trade and a lot of other benefits that come with being in Europe. Except now we’re out. 

4. Jeremy Corbyn displays extraordinary levels of self-belief 
Huge, history-defining numbers of traditional Labour voters in the north chose to vote for Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign, half of his shadow cabinet has resigned and some polls suggest one in three Labour voters wouldn’t vote for Corbyn again. The Labour party is in total crisis, evening overshadowing the crisis within the Tory party.  But no, Jeremy Corbyn, isn’t listening. Serious self-confidence goals 

5. Jamie Oliver isn’t down with “Boris Fucking Johnson"


6. Faisal Islam is *really* surprised that the Leavers have no plan


7. The economy is in the shit
On Friday, Brexit took $2tn off the markets – a fall worse than any during the 2008 crash. At time of writing this, the FSTE 100 is down 71 points and the pound is down three cents against the dollar. RBS and Barclays temporarily suspended trading this morning due to the volatility of the market and overnight the Chinese Premier warned that Brexit has caused global financial uncertainty. Meanwhile, business is also mid-Brexitensial crisis: HSBC is set to move 1,000 jobs to Paris, and Foxtons and easyJet shares have fallen. Sky News is also reporting that a takeover of Tata Steel now looks unlikely. 

8. There has been reports of racisit attacks
A Polish centre in west London was just one place targeted, believed to be a reaction to the Vote Leave victory. 

9. The country has never been more divided
Leave, stay, north, south, working-class, middle-class, old, young, my future, your future, London elite, “left-behind” north-east, Europeans, Englanders, Corbyn-lovers, Corbyn-haters. Whoever you are, however you voted, whatever you earn, you’re not happy and your vote was a two fingers up to somebody, somewhere. 


From left to right: Jeremy Corbyn; Fay Hough; Jamie Oliver; Boris Johnson
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