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Powerful videos highlight the problem of rape at university 

When young women go to university, one in five will be sexually assaulted

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By Lynn Enright on

One in five women are sexually assaulted during their time at university in America. And this is not just a US issue. Indeed, last year, The Telegraph discovered that one in three women are sexually assaulted, raped or forced to contend with unwanted advances at British universities. 

This real and grave problem is one that is often overlooked by universities who fail to respond to reports of sexual assault adequately. And a powerful new campaign called The Unacceptable Acceptance Letters is laying that situation out in stark terms, using the joy of a university acceptance to highlight the dangerous position young women and men (one in 16 men are assaulted at US universities) are placed in when they leave home for university. 

Shot in a documentary style, the ads show teenagers receiving and reading their acceptance letters full of hope and excitement, before discovering that they will be raped at university. “If they accept you, don’t accept this,” the videos tell viewers, urging them to force universities to examine their policies on rape and sexual assault. 

The hashtag #DontAcceptRape is being used to promote the campaign, and begin a conversation online about how universities can protect their students responsibly. Watch the video below and join that conversation. 

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