This new underwear collection is made from recycled plastic

ASOS’ new range, spanning sizes 4-28, is making use of old plastic bottles and fishing nets, which means planet-friendly undies for everyone

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By Elle Turner on

ASOS is not a brand to rest on its laurels. Days after it emerged that it had created a dedicated clothing range for women with bigger boobs, ASOS then announced its newest initiative: to make sustainable and planet-friendly underwear available to everyone.

Made from reused plastic bottles, fishing nets and old carpets, the new Recycled Lingerie offering has already reduced the amount of plastic the fashion giant uses to create its lingerie by repurposing existing plastic to create the polyamide needed for the elastane and polyester used to create stretchy and comfy designs.

It’s welcome news for those wanting to reduce their fashion footprint and is another step towards making sustainable fashion more accessible for us all. Currently, there are 10 items available from the range, which is available in sizes 4-28, including stylish, seam-free bralettes, animal-print bras and seamless knickers.

Prices start from £6, which makes this a collection that’s as democratic as it is forward-thinking. Well done, ASOS.






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