ASOS has released a collection especially for bigger boobs

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No more wrestling your tits into a button-up shirt

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By Elle Turner on

I have a red midi dress that I love. It’s floral, it’s button-up, it’s perfect. Perfect until I grab the overhead rail on the Tube, the button goes pop and my boobs come tumbling out for all to see. Many will relate, I think, to the trauma of straining buttons, gaping blouses, zips that won’t do up over your bra and jumpers that make your boobs look like one long shelf. But, no more. Fashion retailer ASOS has just announced the launch of its Fuller Bust range, created to provide ample-bosomed women with clothes that actually fit. It caters to those with DD-G boobs and, as well as focusing on comfortable bras, bralettes, crop tops and swimwear, it also takes into account tricky-to-find items such as shirts, dresses, camis and T-shirts.

It’s welcome news from a fashion giant that already stocks petite, tall, plus-size and disability-friendly clothing ranges. The Fuller Bust range offers a variety of styles, with highlights including fitted shirts that fit both boob and waist, flattering peplum shapes and pretty wrap tops with tie-fastenings that are easily adjustable. As for button-up dresses and V-necks (the nemesis of big-bapped women everywhere), ASOS has designed button skater dresses with additional buttons that promise not to gape and V-neck camis that come up slightly higher, so you needn’t worry about looking too booby. And, if you do want to look booby, there are numbers such as this lace-trim maxi dress and this slinky spaghetti-strap top.

With dresses priced at around £30, as you’d expect, the news has been met with enthusiasm from the big-boobed community on social media: “Thank u god [sic]”, said one shopper, while another commented, “this is the happy ending to 2018 we all deserved”. One shopper summed it up pretty perfectly when they said, “Buzzing off my tits (quite literally)”. I couldn’t have put it better myself.


The White Shirt



The wrap top


The button-up dress


The peplum top


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Photo: ASOS
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