Is this the new way to carry your handbag?

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Useful for avoiding unwanted social interaction, or even concealing a spot 

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

Fashion campaigns don’t usually offer any practical advice, they’re merely an advertising tool used by brands to show off their product in the most alluring way possible. For spring/summer 2018, however, Balenciaga has decided to reinvent the most everyday activity: the way in which we all carry our handbags. Designed to resemble paparazzi photographs, Balenciaga’s models can be seen hiding their faces with their bags – a sensible way of avoiding pesky photographers, we can all agree. But, if you’re not normally chased by the paps, this can also be an excellent way of, say, avoiding an unwanted interaction in Sainsbury’s or distracting fellow pedestrians from a particularly bad hair day. Got a spot? Worry not – Balenciaga’s handbag method will ensure nobody notices.

The photos were revealed yesterday on Instagram, which makes it the second fashion campaign to make headlines this week. Kanye West is in the process of shooting his own to promote Yeezy Season 6 and, well, it’s weird. West has recruited a number of models, including Paris Hilton, to be made into clones of his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

Dressed in platinum wigs and exact outfits that Kim has already been seen in, Paris et al look uncannily like the Kardashian. One photograph even shows twins Shannon and Shannade Clermont naked save for a pair of boots which, aside from being completely creepy (particularly in our current climate), is also surely just inviting comparisons to The Emperor’s New Clothes?

With some of fashion’s biggest names yet to reveal their own spring/summer 2018 campaigns, we can only wait to see whether they’ll be as unconventional. A new way to wear your shoes, perhaps?


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Photo: @Balenciaga 
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