Get ready for the new drama series based on Vogue in the 90s

Alexandra Shulman in the 90s (Photo: Getty Images) 

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

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I interrupt this week’s onslaught of fairly depressing news to bring you word of what is surely to become the peak of all TV ever. No, not a Love Island spin-off show in which contestants have to negotiate the Brexit deal, lest they require visas to get into the villa – I speak of Gold Dust Nation, a new show conceived by former British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman. According to a statement released by the show’s production company, Bad Wolf, the drama series is set in the 90s “through the prism of a British monthly fashion magazine”. It’s like someone has peered into my soul.

“YBAs, New Labour, Britpop and the dot-com boom are about to set the world alight against a background of new feminism, body image, age discrimination, diversity and substance abuse in a series that has fashion as its muse,” the statement reads. Personally, I’m looking forward to the thinly veiled portrayals of 90s fashion folk and celebs. Who, for example, will play a young Turner Prize-winning artist obsessed with decomposing animals? Who will play the ruthless editor of the magazine’s American equivalent, permanently dressed in fur and a scowl? Who’s taking the most drugs? Who will play KATE MOSS?

The champagne-swigging, smoking-in-the-office, Britpop-loving 90s is the perfect escape from, well, almost everything that 2019 is currently promising

“It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to bring to life the realities of the world of fashion publishing in a series that will have total authenticity,” said Shulman. “We will be able to showcase the real issues and real stories that occur when you combine huge creativity with human emotions and dilemmas set in a backdrop of the changing times of recent history.”

Shulman has worked with fellow fashion-industry heavyweight Fiona Golfar (former editor-at-large at Vogue) on creating the series. As Bad Wolf’s statement explains, “[They] worked on British Vogue for 25 years. They have seen the fashion industry transformed from a relatively niche, luxury business into a huge global enterprise, which is now a part of everybody’s vocabulary and has global interest. Shulman and Golfar know more than anyone else about the players, pitfalls, privileges and politics in this glamorous world of smoke and mirrors.”

The release date and channel is not yet known, but let’s cross our fingers for the production value of Netflix and a 2019 debut. After all, the champagne-swigging, smoking-in-the-office, Britpop-loving 90s is the perfect escape from, well, almost everything that 2019 is currently promising. Hold on to your Prada – this is going to be good.


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Alexandra Shulman in the 90s (Photo: Getty Images) 
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