Why is the world so obsessed with Meghan Markle’s tights?

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For her first official outing as the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle wore nude tights... and people have a lot to say about them

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

A mere three days after the world oohed and aahed over the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, talk of the bride’s dress has turned to her tights. Appearing at a garden party held in honour of Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, Markle wore a pair of nude tights with her pink dress (from Goat), court shoes and a sleek (rather than her trademark messy) bun in her hair. The presence of the tights, however, has appeared to cause widespread concern, with many suggesting that, now she’s married, she has been forced into changing her style completely.

“Meghan Markle wears demure bridal style outfit and bizarre white tights,” screamed The Sun’s headline, while The Express went withMeghan Markle tights at Garden Party show ‘transformation’ after breaking Queen royal rule.” Close-up photographs of Markle’s pre-wedding ankles have even been published to prove the point that she used to go bare-legged.

Undoubtedly an outdated sartorial rule – and somewhat an impractical one, considering how warm it’s been this week – but is it headline making?

Twitter also had a lot to say on the matter, ranging from the fact that Markle had "given in" to wearing tights to others defending her for simply following the rules:

Much of the coverage of "tights-gate" has highlighted the fact that Markle’s tights were too light for her skintone, an issue that many people who have a skin-tone that differs from "generic pale" often face. The lack of "nude" tones in the lingerie market is an issue that certainly needs to be addressed. Some are suggesting it was the flash of the camera that cast a whitish sheen on Markle’s legs.

What may or may not be common knowledge is that the royal dress code requests that women wear tights when conducting official duties. This is why Kate Middleton is well known for her sheer deniers. Undoubtedly an outdated sartorial rule – and somewhat an impractical one, considering how warm it’s been this week – but is it headline making?

Like Princess Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge before her, post-wedding, Markle can expect every one of her outfits to be scrutinised like never before, such is the fascination with the female royals. Let’s just hope that, as she progresses in her new role, the world’s attention is focused more on Markle’s work rather than whether she may or may not be wearing tights.


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Photo: Rex Features 
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