From top left clockwise: Hana Tajima, Susie Bubble, Gala Gonzalez, Freddie Harrel


Why we should all say something nice today 

Today we’re declaring it National Niceness Day. For A LOT of reasons… 

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By Lucy Dunn on

Every so often something comes along that seems to echo what everyone's thinking. This week it's #SaySomethingNice by Amazon Fashion, a campaign that is about just that – saying something nice. In a world where body shaming, trolling, mud slinging and RAGE and ANGER in BLOCK CAPITALS is such a daily occurrence we've almost become desensitised to it, this campaign is just, well, really nice. 

Just think what the world might be like if everyone said something complimentary today:

Trump to Hillary: "Love what you've done to your hair!"

Hillary to Trump: "Love yours more."

Cameron to Gove: "Great suit! Made in Britain?" 

Boris to Corbyn... or Corbyn to Boris: "Heyyyy, nice bicycle clips!'

For the campaign Amazon Fashion gathered fashion designers, bloggers and models of various ages, sizes and skin colour to talk about their own online experiences. Susie Bubble, Freddie Harrel, Clementine Desseaux and Hana Tajima, amongst others, were asked to talk about the hurtful comments they've received, as well to be honest and admit whether they've ever judged someone on how they look. Because of course a stinging comment doesn't have to be a intentionally bitchy or hateful one. It could also be something that's just slightly, often quite unintentionally, thoughtlessly "off".

Obviously it's a case of appreciating that everyone is different and has their own opinion – and that everyone's style, look and body shape is individual. It's also a case of thinking before you speak. Unless, of course, you're a troll or a Trump. If you're a troll or a Trump there are plenty of books out there that will not only teach you how to be kind, but also explain – in lots of very important words and long sentences – how giving compliments can boost your spirits and wellbeing just as much as receiving them. 

For the rest of us ordinary mortals, a hashtag will do – plus it's free. It's something that you can add to a "You look great today" and pass onto a mate, or use when you need to bat off the next “off" comment you receive. 

In a week, when very many people have had very many opinions about very many things, and very many of them have not been very nice, this little hashtag is a little beacon of kindness. Whatever happens today, tonight and tomorrow, wouldn't it be lovely if a few more people could just say something – anything – nice?


From top left clockwise: Hana Tajima, Susie Bubble, Gala Gonzalez, Freddie Harrel
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