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Did you wake up this morning and struggle over what to put on? Is the matter of "What am I going to wear to work today?" a daily headache? For many of us, yes. Getting that balance between looking professional and stylish, smart and comfortable, is really hard. Now, imagine that you are a news reader on the telly and that any outfit choice you make is not only scrutinised by your boss and work colleagues, but also by the millions watching at home. Imagine that you are Fiona Bruce on the 10 o'clock news and the fact that you wore trainers to work caused a Twitter outcry. 

Many of us wear trainers to work – there are six people in the office right now wearing them. It's not unusual to be able to wear trainers into the office without anything catostrophic happening. But when Fiona Bruce wore a pair of taupe lace-ups during Friday's 10pm news bulletin, she received a barrage of negative comments. 

Did Fiona Bruce look scruffy? Did she indeed look like she was cleaning out a shed? No, of course not. She, like always, looked pulled-together and glamorous with perfect make-up and hair, and a nice pair of cropped black trousers. Her trainers (which, incidentally, she was wearing because she'd injured her foot) only served as a reminder of the fact that she is a human woman with human feet, who should be able to wear comfortable shoes to her high-flying job, whether she is on television or not. 

I read once that female news reporters aren't supposed to wear the same outift twice and that they're not meant to wear dark colours. Whether that's true or not, it remains a fact that being a woman in the public eye in 2016 is a really bloody hard job. So here's a big thumbs-up to Fiona Bruce and her trainers. 

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