This exit survey for your ex is genius
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This exit survey for your ex is genius

“What is wrong with you?”

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The annoying thing about break-ups is that they’re far too full of emotion. Often, there’s crying, shouting, arguing, more crying – it’s all a bit much. Even though, in the end, it’s likely for the best, you have to go through a lot of heartache to actually learn anything useful from it. How great would it be if you could just send out an exit survey via email, receive your feedback and get on with your life? Well, that’s exactly what one woman does.

“Katie” has a Google Doc that she sends out to her exes, asking them for precise and relevant feedback on the relationship – and it’s absolutely genius. As well as asking what she has done to contribute to the demise of the relationship, the questionnaire also asks the partner to take responsibility for their part in the downfall. “What is wrong with you?” she probes, politely.

It’s not simply a way to rake over old romantic ground, either – Katie’s questionnaire is concerned with the future, too: she asks for the numbers of her exes’ friends; she offers her ex a chance to stay on her “mailing list”, just in case the romance rekindles; there’s also space for them to vent any extra feelings. Because, as she says, “Katie can’t be alone forever!”

Katie’s friend Abby, who shared the doc on Twitter, points out that Katie sends this to both casual dates and serious relationships. No one is left out of Katie’s very thorough, admin-based searched for a partner.

Just imagine how much we could get done if all emotional toil was reduced down to a simple form. Has a friendship broken down? Send a survey. Has your cousin kicked off because you can’t make it to her ridiculously expensive hen do? Send a survey.

So, please, Katie, if you’re reading this: make your questionnaire document public. It’s for the greater good.


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Photo: Stocksy
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