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Tinder steps in to help couple who are terrible at texting back 

There’s being bad at replying to people, and then there’s these two

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By Amy Jones on

Hands up – who is notoriously bad at replying to people? Not just people but friends, family, lovers. The important people. I will get a message from someone I genuinely like and think “I must reply to this, it’s very important”, and then it’ll skip merrily out of my brain for hours, days or even weeks until I stumble across it and feel horrifically guilty. I throw myself on the mercy of the person I’ve been talking to and generally they forgive me; they’ve known me for years and we’ve built up enough of a relationship that they think I’m worth putting the effort in even when it seems like I’m not doing the same.

But I can’t imagine they’d feel like it was worth still messaging me if I was a stranger they’d met on Tinder, I was so bad at replying that our first 10 messages to each other spanned two and a half years, and seven of those ten messages were apologies to each other for not replying sooner. Yet this is the joke that Michelle and Josh kept going for nearly three years.

Is this truly just two very busy people being equally terrible at replying to each other? If so Josh and Michelle should cling together forever because they’re quite possibly soul mates and may never find someone who’ll be as cool with them leaving half a year between texts. Or could it be another instance of breadcrumbing – keeping each other waiting in the wings whilst they explored other romantic options? (Or, you know, just a brilliantly and expertly drawn-out joke.)

Either way, they won’t be able to do it for much longer. After Josh’s screenshots of their conversation went viral, Michelle found him on Twitter and promised that she’d reply to him eventually but joked that she needs to “give it a few months” first. Tinder, meanwhile, was having none of it; after Josh tweeted the exchanged, the dating app stepped in and gave the couple 24 hours to plan their first meeting “IRL”, paid for by Tinder. Now Josh and Michelle are flying to Hawaii for their eventual first date – as long as they don’t take another two years to organise a day and get their bags packed, that is.


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