Dear Viv: My partner's mum wants me to be an overbearing landlord

On this week's podcast, Viv discusses what to do when you disagree with your partner's mother

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By Viv Groskop on

Dear Viv,

I want to start by saying I really like my partner's mum, "Lucy". She is an incredible woman who has done some amazing things in her life and has many skills I massively admire. I recently moved into a property on her land as the sole tenant and she has supported me through a really difficult time, which I am immensely grateful for. I decided to stay and take on the building as manager. 

The problem is, Lucy wants control over her tenants in ways that I am uncomfortable with. She wants the building to remain drink and drug free, but when I think about having to enforce this, I start to get very anxious. I do not drink regularly or do any drugs at home, but what gives her the right to tell tenants what they can and cannot put into their bodies? Perhaps this hits a sore spot for me as I've had overbearing landlords in the past. The space is already not that nice a place to live due to general disrepair, and I feel that this policy just makes it worse. I can't imagine anyone wanting to pay to stay here with the state it is in at the moment.

My partner thinks I should be honest with the rules in adverts etc, but then tell people in person that they can do what they want as long as they are subtle about it. I don't know how comfortable I am with that.

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