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A man has pointed out that most parts of a woman’s reproductive system are named after men

Let’s just think about this for a minute 

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You might not have heard of Matthew Broussard but women everywhere owe this man a round of applause.

Aside from attempting  to use the word vulva in a sexy way – and even knowing what and where it is – the comedian has pointed out that pretty much the entire female reproductive system is named after men. 

That’s right. Like a landmark or a street name or a disease, our vaginas are named after the men who “discovered” each bit. When you refer to your fallopian tubes, you’re basically pointing to a blue plaque or a small flag with a man’s face on. As Broussard so expertly claims, we’re pretty much still existing under the “vaginal imperialism”. 

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And basically, this might be the greatest example of mansplaining ever. Of course it figures that male biologists laid claim to discovering how our bodies worked first because of the very fact they were allowed to be doctors first. They were allowed to have interesting, clever jobs first – like studying a woman’s reproductive system. 

But COME.ON. Do you know who might have actually discovered a woman’s reproductive system? Like, right at the very beginning, before scientists and textbooks and clever men naming things after themselves? All those women who managed to reproduce without the helping hand of a man with a massive ego. In his show, Broussard points out that even the G-spot is named after a Dr Gräfenberg.  Yes, a man has named the mystical nirvana of female orgasm AFTER HIMSELF.

Are we surprised? Probably not. New research reveals just how much men like to portray themselves as experts. But I’m breaking free from their vaginal imperialism once and for all. From now on, my reproductive system will be named after great women. The G-spot is no longer about some Victorian guy. My G-spot is an homage to Gloria Steinem, or maybe Grace Kelly, or maybe Greta Garbo, or maybe just anyone who actually has a G-spot of their own. 


Comedian Matthew Broussard
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