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Is sobriety the way forward? 26 Habits update

In this mini-show, Emma updates us on how her fourth #26Habits has been going

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

In this #minishow Emma updates us on how her fourth #26habits challenge has been going. Can she break the habit of casual drinking? Should she break the habit of casual drinking? 

Tune in to find out what challenges Emma and Hannah faced along the way, the benefits they've noticed from quitting and whether they'll be taking this habit beyond the two weeks.

Emma also shares some excellent resources everyone trying to cut down or cut out should take a look at, plus some brilliant observations  from listeners about quitting and cutting down.

Useful resources:

Girl and Tonic by Laurie McAllister.

Hip Sobriety

Club Soda

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray.

To get in touch with the show you can email Emma at

If you have any concerns about your relationship with alcohol visit Alcoholics Anonymous.



Photo: Rex Features
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