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What happens when you try to declutter your life?

Decluttering her wardrobe has been one of Emma's most successful 26 Habits to date, will applying the same practice to the rest of her life go as well?

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

Way back in Habit 10 I "decluttered" my wardrobe, by editing it down to the 33 items of clothing I wear the most. It forced me to take a closer look at what I wear and how I wear it, and made me realise how many clothes I was hanging on to for "best", when I could fit into them or just in case. Making my wardrobe a more efficient, practical space is something I’m grateful for every morning.

Based on the emails I’ve had from listeners, and the benefits I’ve noticed when I’ve applied the same rules to other areas of my life, I decided it was time for a total declutter, so that I can reap those benefits of feeling more organised and less hassled, all day, every day.

But where, and how, to begin..?


Photo: Unsplash
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