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Will a gratitude journal make me more grateful, in just two weeks?

Earlier in the year, Emma Guns decided to take on daily journalling to relieve stress and self-doubt. Now, can honing in on gratitude journalling transform a negative mindset?

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

Full disclosure: stress has been getting the better of me. So, as well as taking my own advice and getting back into meditation and yoga, I’m keen for a fast-track to the much more relaxed version of myself.

How do I get there? Gratitude journalling. There’s so much scientific, as well as anecdotal, evidence to say that expressing gratitude is the quickest way to stamp out those feelings of anger, overwhelm and frustration that we’re all so used to feeling. Let’s see if two weeks of expressing gratitude can stop me going from nought to 60...


Photo: Stocksy
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