Drinking water is the most basic piece of self-health-care, yet adhered to the least

After a fortnight of abstinence from shop-bought coffee, the second of Emma's #26Habits is all about increasing her H2O intake

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

When all things "resolutions" were trending all over social media at the beginning of the year, the one that I saw time and time again was "to drink more water". In my experience, it's the advice shared most by experts as the most basic piece of self-health-care, yet adhered to the least. GPs cite it daily, facialists recommend it, as do dermatologists and nutritionists, and, more recently, it's become a basic preventative measure when trying to quell the fire of anxiety – the latter being because symptoms of dehydration can include a racing heart rate and light-headedness, which are both felt during an anxiety attack. 

Just saying that I'll drink more water is loose and "flabby", so I'm wondering whether implementing a structure will be the way to make this habit stick.

The structure will be 600ml on waking and 600ml when I get home in the evening – both times when I either reach for coffee or food. If I'm aiming for two litres a day, then that's over half sorted and I just have to manage another 800ml throughout the day, which isn't that much of a struggle when you think about it...


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