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What are the benefits of decluttering?

Emma Guns knew she was holding on to clothes for the wrong reasons. One week in, has she found peace of mind in a capsule wardrobe?

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

The morning after I edited down my entire wardrobe to just 33 items, I woke up worried that I’d be running to the charity shop in my pyjamas, begging for all my things back and stabbing at the vacuum-packed parcels of clothes I’d stored away, to free my piles of nearly-made-its to find something to wear.

I should have had more faith in a) the process and b) myself, because what actually happened was I barely had to give any bandwidth to worrying about what to wear or how to wear it, which freed me up to send a few emails, make a call and do some admin in my office. Could it be that something as simple as a wardrobe clearout was helping me be a better version of myself?

Possibly, but it hasn’t all been plain sailing...


Photo: Stocksy
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