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What are the benefits of intermittent fasting?

Following two weeks of daily yoga, Emma turns her attention to intermittent fasting for the next instalment of her 26 Habits

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

Diets are 10 a penny and in Emma’s experience have lead to an unhealthy cycle of yo-yoing. In an attempt to "stop the madness" and try to establish a sensible approach to eating, Emma is going to see if intermittent fasting is the way to reprogramme her attitude and approach to food. 

If you’re familiar with 5:2 or 16:8 you’ll  know the principle of having "windows of consumption" and in her sixth #26Habits, Emma is going to try the latter where she eats two meals a day, one at 12pm and one that she finishes by 8pm. No snacks, no shakes, no gimmicks, just two square meals…

As with all of these #26Habits, the question is, why? Far from being a diet, intermittent fasting is actually about a pattern of eating that has proven health benefits. To find out more, tune into the show.

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