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Do I need to do yoga daily?

1 week in, Emma Guns assesses the benefits of doing yoga every night before bed

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By Emma Gunavardhana on

In order to secure herself a year’s worth of micro wins, Emma is undertaking 26 two-week challenges in an effort to make or break a habit, with the result being to see out 2018 as a better version of herself. 

In her fifth habit, Emma is doing daily yoga with a view to sleeping better and seeing if, like habit number three of daily meditation, it can help lower stress levels, aid digestion and create a more calm feeling throughout the day.

Rather than get sucked in to complicated, tie-yourself-into-a-pretzel poses, Emma investigates whether it’s actually the simple holds that can reap the biggest benefits.

Emma will be following practices from Yoga with Adriene


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Photo: Stocksy
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