“A good counsellor should be somewhere between a lover and a doctor”

Every evening at 9pm this week, Gemma Cairney will be talking to different women about their experiences of mental health, as part of The Pool’s In My Head mental-health awareness week. First up, Philippa Perry 

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In the first podcast of The Pool's In My Head series, Gemma Cairney talks to Philippa Perry, who began her career working as a Samaritan, before becoming an online agony aunt and eventually training as a psychoanalyst. 

Here, Gemma and Philippa discuss how the secret to helping someone is trying to listen, not trying to fix; how a good counsellor should be somewhere between a lover and a doctor; and how listening to the right stories can be a prescription for sanity.



Philippa and Gemma recording the podcast

 Learn more about Gemma's In My Head series and why we need to keep talking about mental health here.


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