Get ready in a Gif- An oh-la-la flirty face

A bit Brigitte Bardot, a bit Audrey Hepburn – here’s how to do flirty inspired eye make-up.

Nothing wrong with a good flirt. Quite fun really. Not easy though – wine is usually required and then,  whoops, you’re sloshed. Taxi for one. Oh well, here’s a sassy eye make-up look to help.

You will need:

Step One

Sweep lilac eye shadow all over your eyelids.

Step Two

Draw a thin line of black eyeliner along your top lash line. Get close to the lashes, winging upward at the outer corners.

Step Three

Coat your lashes with black mascara.

Step Four

Brush a brow styling mousse through your eyebrows to shape and lightly tint them.

Oh-la-la flirty eyes. Done.

Video: SwhypeMotion


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