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Assorted desk accessories from George At Home 

Got January hate-my-house-itis? No, you don’t have to call your local demolition firm – there is another way, says Lucy Dunn

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By Lucy Dunn on

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been lucky enough to spend a few days over the festive season holed up at home. You’ve rediscovered Gibsons & Ravensburger jigsaws (the best kind; no other time are boring Cornish coastal scenes not boring), late breakfasts and long lunches have become the norm and you’ve taken to disco-napping in the afternoon. Naturally, wine o’clock shifts forward a few hours and lasts well into the small hours.

And it's all perfectly lovely and cosy – that is, until the cracks start to appear. It starts when you are on your sofa, sitting through some schmaltzy Disney Christmas rerun, and bam – your eyes start to wander. You notice a wonky picture, a stain in the rug, some scuffs in the paintwork. Suddenly, before you can say, “Another Baileys? Rude not to!” the first twinges of house-loathing set in. That wonky picture has to go. This room needs a paint. Come to think of it, why *do* we put up with that weird alcove in the kitchen? Also, isn’t it about time we replaced the bathroom floor?

The blob has torn your expensive Rockett St George wallpaper, which you’d decided was the one redeeming factor of your living room. And, boom! Wahhhh! That’s it! The final straw! 'I hate my sitting room.' 'I HATE MY HOUSE!'

Before you know it, these slow, simmering niggles start to bubble over – precisely the week when the decorations come down and the house is looking its barest and most miserable. If you’re anything like me, this will happen when you’re on the sofa, again (this time sitting through some terrible diet rerun) and suddenly you spy a blob of rogue, tinsel-flecked Blu Tack on the wall, right next to the aforementioned wonky picture. The blob, you notice, has torn your expensive Rockett St George wallpaper, which over Christmas you’d decided was the one redeeming factor of your living room. And, boom! Wahhhh! That’s it! The final straw!  "I hate my sitting room.” “I hate my kitchen.” “I hate my bathroom.” “I HATE MY HOUSE!”

This is not a new thing, of course. In fact, home hatred is quite a common January phenomenon that is always compounded by the fact it’s the one time of year when nobody has two pennies to rub together. But, short of staring at your rip in the wallpaper in silent fury for months, there are loads of cheap little updates out there that will do a great job of pouring cold water over your simmering resentment. I’m not promising miracles and neither will they sort out your bathroom floor, but they will make you feel a little bit better about your house. And that’s the half the battle I think, don’t you?




This is part of our special new-year series called Small Change, Big Difference – small things you can do in 2018 (and not big unrealistic resolutions you can't keep). To read more in the series, click here

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Assorted desk accessories from George At Home 
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