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The award-winning singer shows us her shelfie

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  1. If reports of the oncoming apocalypse get you down, I recommend this from the brilliant Paul Hawken. While you can’t ignore the data about climate change and species loss, you can do something about it. This is a really compelling list of ideas to correct a very messy world. It will leave you seriously inspired. 
  2. According to this book (and it’s very convincing), activism is not only good for the planet, it’s good for you, too. But only so long as you don’t fight your character. This book helps you define what sort of activist you are and then reap the rewards.
  3. These headphones are the best for someone with tree-hugging tendencies like me. From House of Marley (set up in memory of Bob by the Marley family), they are made from wood from a certified source and, when you buy a pair, you’re helping to fund One Tree Planted (their goal is to plant 75,000 trees).
  4. You only want good ingredients in a candle, don’t you? Rather than burning something made from oil full of artificial perfumes and harsh preservatives, I want something fresh and pure. Neom Organics are my favourite. They take a lot of care in their sources of ingredients. Plus, the scent is naturally out of this world. 
  5. We rely on brilliant organisations such as WWF to go out and protect the planet on our behalf. I designed this bracelet with Daisy London so that we could raise funds for their climate work. Plus, you get to wear a polar bear, which is pretty cool. 
  6. So glad that house plants are cool again. They’re amazing at cleaning the air, which is pretty important in this era of indoor and outdoor pollution. In the 1980s, NASA researched 19 different sorts of plant and recommended homes keep a variety. 
  7. I received the UN "New Voices" award at the UN Global Leaders dinner in New York recently and I treasure it. I have to admit to being pretty starstruck when I met Kofi Annan (who was also very funny). Accepting my award for global activism, I pledged to amplify the voices of younger generations, who, I think, are often underestimated. In the new year, I become a global goodwill ambassador for UN Environment – a huge honour. 



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