How to wear purple, even when you don’t like colour

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Grape, violet, amethyst – purple is all over the shop(s) at the moment and is actually one of the easiest colours to wear, as Hannah Banks-Walker explains

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Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been using a washbag as a handbag for some time now. The reason is that a) it’s velvet (well, velour – who am I kidding?) and b) it’s the most amazing shade of deep purple. So far, many people have commented on the colour. Not one has mentioned the fact that I’m essentially using a bathroom accessory to carry my daily essentials around town.

Clearly, they’re all too polite. Or, they’re just too excited by the colour, which is my story and I’m sticking to it. Anyway, since the washbag came on the scene, I’ve started to notice that the high street is full of purple pieces. Largely, these fall into the end of the spectrum where grape, violet and amethyst co-exist. It all feels like something a bit different, yet still suitably autumnal.

I’ve also come to realise that it’s a fairly easy colour to wear, even if you tend to stick to a more tertiary palette. OK, so you may not want to jump from your all-black outfits into 50 shades of grape but, if you’re looking to inject a bit of brightness into your wardrobe, this is the way to do it. This is because you can choose a darker shade, which won’t feel too out of your comfort zone – something like this lovely jumper from H&M, which will look great with jeans. Or, try Warehouse’s midi with black ankle boots.

Personally, I’m obsessed with this coat from Reserved, as well as Kitri’s blouse. The latter may well be a godsend come Christmas, when I’m struggling for something I can wear to work as well as out, to the pub. Ditto Uterque’s silky top. Or, if you’re in the market for a new washbag, you know where to find me.

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