6 autumn bucket bags to get excited about 

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There’s been a 68% increase in online searches for them, while fashion’s biggest brands are banking on bucket bags, too. And for good reason, says Hannah Banks-Walker

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If it’s a widely held fact that pockets on women’s clothing – far from being innocuous swatches of fabric – are, in fact, a feminist statement all of their own, then I would like to make a case for the cross-body bag. For not only do they actually house more than just a lipstick, they also liberate our arms from the tyrannical clutches of heavy, bulky handbags that only help to slow us down. Instead, a cross-body bag enables the full use of both arms, which is always quite useful. While boxy, rectangular styles have dominated for the past few years, it seems that the bucket bag is poised to usurp them.

Shopping app LiketoKnow.it has reported that online searches for bucket bags have increased by 68% recently. And it seems that fashion’s most influential brands are banking on them – cult brand Staud produced what must be one of the most-Instagrammed bags of all time. A bucket bag encased in netting, available in several different colours, it was almost ubiquitous on social media, ultimately spawning a 1,001 lookalikes on the high street. Similarly, Mansur Gavriel's own bucket, another social-media sensation, launched in September at Harrods, who say that, since September, it has been "incredibly popular". 

And Mulberry has just launched its brand new bag: The Hampstead. A simple shape with the blessed cross-body strap (something that, in this case, is detachable and can be customised), Mulberry said that the bag has specifically been designed “for the busy and versatile lives of women today”. Translation: women are actually looking for something functional that will allow them to get stuff done, not simply something that looks pretty. These bags do both.

The high street, too, has invested heavily in bucket bags. From colourful leather styles to oversized numbers (still with the cross-body strap), there’s something to fit every kind of lifestyle – and budget. Practicality has never looked so good.

6 of the best bucket bags on the high street








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