5 zebra-print pieces you’ll wear all autumn

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While leopard will always be a firm favourite, Hannah Banks-Walker explains why you should consider the new stripes on the high street

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While animal print always comes bounding back into everyone’s consciousness as soon as the leaves start to fall from the trees, it tends to be leopard to which we all gravitate. This season, however, the high street appears to want to sell us a full range of animal patterns – cheetah, snake, croc. One of the most prolific, however, is zebra. I’ve seen it in almost every shop and on several of my friends. My loyalties have always been with leopard, given that it’s a neutral and all. But since zebra was championed by both Balenciaga and Ganni for autumn/winter 2018, I feel like that’s all the encouragement I need. Plus, the monochromatic colour scheme suggests it’s the sort of thing that could easily fit into your wardrobe without much fuss at all.

And it is. This dress from Hush has been my first foray into zebra, and I’ve been wearing it with everything from block heels to ankle boots, denim jackets to longer coats. When it gets colder, I’ll be wearing it over a lightweight black roll neck. After such a roaring success (I’m not sure that qualifies as a pun – do zebras roar?), I found some other great pieces on offer. If a dress is not your bag or if it feels a bit like too much print, you could try a top, with your usual jeans, or even accessories to jazz up your usual outfits. My new favourite, however, is an animal-print clash. A pair of leopard boots with a zebra blouse and straight-leg jeans, for example. Very 2018. And that’s a compliment.

The 5 best zebra-print pieces to buy now







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