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Are these the best new midi dresses on the high street?

Our love for midis knows no bounds, but where are the best new styles lurking? Team Pool set out to find out

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

They take the faff out of getting dressed, you don’t have to worry about what to put with them and they work for basically every occasion. There’s no doubt that I could espouse the benefits of midi dresses until the cows come home. Indeed, the cows have been home for ages, by now, so frequently have I written of this one garment, in particular, for The Pool. Green midi dresses, long-sleeved styles, yellow frocks… you name it, I’ve covered it. Because they really have changed my wardrobe for the better.

With a brand-new season upon us, then, where are the very best midis hiding? I’m talking comfy, easy dresses that you just don’t have to think about of a morning. And what if you’re not even a midi dress kind of person? I recruited my fellow Poolers to find out...


I'm obsessed with anything green, so this dress was immediately a big win. When I tried it on, however, I fell completely in love. It's a perfect autumn dress: long enough to wear with trainers on warmer days, but also perfect with tights and boots, when it gets chilly. I also love the light fabric, which is soft and comfortable to wear, but will be excellent to layer up with a jacket or coat. My favourite element is the subtle print – just enough to elevate this dress from an excellent wardrobe staple to something special.



I remained unconvinced by snake print, until I tried on this glorious number. Now, I'm obsessed. I love everything about this dress – the colour, which is bolder than the navy I normally stick to (but is remarkably wearable); the length, which wasn't floor-skimmingly long and hazardous like other "midis" I've tried; and I even love the ruffles, though I prefer to leave them untied at the top to avoid looking too “done up”. Of course, the star of the show is the print, which is a bit racy but, on a midi length, is the right amount of prim to be office-appropriate. The tie-waist pulls everything together – quite literally – and the buttons make it a little more interesting. Overall, it's fabulous and I'd like to keep it on forever.



This dress, for me, is pretty mad, but apparently slime green is the colour of the moment (well, it is if you're Kim Kardashian or Rita Ora). And I loved it. Not to be a cliché, but this is the perfect office-to-bar dress, as it goes with trainers, sandals, boots, heels – all the shoes. The only thing I was worried about was the open back, because it meant no bra, but actually it’s far more subtle than I thought it would be and, actually, if you wanted to wear a bra with a pretty back (like the bralette everyone’s talking about), then you could definitely get away with it.



I’m not normally a dress sort of person – particularly not a long-dress person. I live in my jeans and tops and just wouldn’t ever think to go for something like this. I must admit, when I saw the dress on the hanger, I wasn’t wild for it. But my mind changed completely, as soon as I put it on – it’s comfy, flattering and I love the fact that I wouldn’t have to spend ages in the morning worrying about what to put with it. I’d just pull on ankle boots and be out of the door in record time. I know I’m late to the party, and this is why everyone already loves midis, but, I have to say, I’m a convert.



Oh, how I love midi dresses – let me count the ways. I lived in mid-length dresses over the summer and, as I'm not ready to get into my jeans quite yet, will be wearing them well into autumn. Like everyone else, I lust after Rixo dresses like there's no tomorrow. My pick of the current collection is this tiger-stripe number, which is a twist on this season's animal-print love-in. When the weather permits bare legs, I'll be wearing it with my classic Vans and a leather jacket. These will be switched for tights and an overcoat when it gets chilly.


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 Make-up by Eleni Liatsou at Bobbi Brown 


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Photos: Claire Pepper 
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