5 reasons you’ll want to buy your new dress from Urban Outfitters

The new collection is surprisingly grown-up, explains Hannah Banks-Walker

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

When I was a student, I spent most of my spare time on the Urban Outfitters website, desperately waiting for the sale to start so that I could order something – anything. I developed that level of obsession that occurs quite often when you’re young, writing essays about Hamlet and need a distraction. Or, maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I haven’t really shopped there much since, which is why the brand’s new collection of summer dresses is something of a revelation; one that has reignited that youthful obsession all over again.

It’s fair to say that Urban Outfitters appeals to a younger audience – hence my student infatuation. It’s not the first place that springs to mind if you’re on the lookout for something grown-up, or so I thought. One look at the current offering of dresses proves that, actually, that’s not the case. From oversized, button-down midis to breezy maxis and embroidered styles, there’s a host of lovely styles that are the sort of thing I want to wear each and every day at the moment. But even when it’s not Miami outside any more, I’ll still have them on, layered under jumpers or worn with autumn’s new boots.

In the wake of recent news regarding the midi dress’ current status – in a nutshell, they are flying off the shelves – it’s nice to find a selection of fab new styles that you won’t see on every other person on the morning commute. Plus, if it means I get to relive the heady days of Hamlet and internet shopping, I’m sold.

5 of the best dresses at Urban Outfitters now:

The easy midi


The sundress


The wrap dress



The shirt dress


The maxi dress



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