How to get a good night's sleep in the heat

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If you’re tossing and turning due to the current temperatures, a pair of breezy PJs might just be the answer to a restful night’s sleep, says Hannah Banks-Walker

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In a moment of sheer desperation the other, particularly warm, night, I googled “how the hell am I supposed to sleep in the heat?”, or words to that effect, before reading an entire wikiHow page dedicated solely to that very subject. And I’ll admit, there were some helpful "expert" tips. One suggested putting your sheets in the freezer half an hour before you go to bed. Another said to have a tepid bath just before getting into bed, while another hot tip was to wear an ice pack on your head. I’m obviously not going to do any of those things, largely because a) I’m not insane, b) there’s a water shortage and c) I don’t want to have to balance an ice pack on my face, I’m trying to sleep! There were also some tips that were a bit less, er, appealing. You know, like sleeping on a floor in a basement. I’m not sure what sort of sadist wrote this “informative” page but, as I lay there, delirious from lack of sleep and considering a permanent move to Alaska, I realised that there’s a much easier way. And it’s all in the PJs.

I realise that to many, much more rational, individuals, swapping heavier fabrics for lighter nightwear may have been their very first action on hearing that The Heatwave was coming. I, however, still feel quite surprised by the fact that Britain is actually experiencing a summer and have not, therefore, the pyjamas to suit the weather. I don’t mean that I’m sleeping in fleece onesies or anything, rather that even silky PJs or anything with long sleeves proves to be stifling at the moment. The answer is cotton. Whether you prefer T-shirts, camis, shorts or something long, cotton is the only thing that will let you sleep soundly when it’s hot. Desmond & Dempsey makes some of my favourite pyjama sets, with short-sleeved shirts and matching shorts for the summer. There are also some lovely nightdresses that don’t cost a fortune, like this glorious printed number from Gap, as well as a white cotton one from The White Company that’s currently in the sale. And, let’s be honest, new pyjamas are always going to be chicer than frozen sheets.

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Photo: Rex Features 
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