Everyone’s going bonkers for green midi dresses

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They’re selling out all over the high street and can’t be restocked fast enough. Hannah Banks-Walker explains why they’re perfect for spring – and how to wear them

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a sucker for hype. Last summer, I saw everyone wearing Ganni’s lovely wrap dress. It was very simple – just a floral midi – but I became borderline obsessed. Earlier this year, I saw that ASOS had a great midi of its own, also in a floral print, with fab button detail and, amazingly, long sleeves. It sold out almost immediately, which only intensified my interest in it. The brand even told me that they had expected it to sell out, which is why they were ready and waiting to re-stock as quickly as possible. Then we come to Kitri’s belted dress, a piece of clothing that had a waiting list of over 800 people before promptly selling out in 45 minutes. What do these frocks all have in common? They’re all green midis.

 It’s not really a colour I’ve worn before but, as soon as I put it on, I felt like everything brightened up

Green is quite a divisive colour, it turns out. Some equate it with Kermit, bad luck or the classic 1997 film, Flubber (no, just me?). Others with spring, emeralds and Gatsby’s green light. Or perhaps I’m overthinking it. The point is that the high street loves it. I’ve been subconsciously seeing them everywhere, I realised. It all reached a climax a couple of weeks ago when I wandered into Zara, with absolutely no intention of buying anything on account of it being the middle of the month and not, therefore, an ideal time to spend money I don’t have. As my friend wafted jumpsuits around, I was absent-mindedly drawn to a midi dress in the most amazing shade of green. It’s not really a colour I’ve worn before but, as soon as I put it on, I felt like everything brightened up. Which was lovely, considering freak snow storms, colder-than-average temperatures and the last few months spent in tights, boots and massive jumpers had left me feeling… dull. The first time I wore it, two of my friends liked it so much they ordered it online right there and then.

If the idea of block colour fills you with dread, there’s a host of floral midis, too, which breaks up the green and makes it a bit easier to wear. I love them with white ankle boots, but trainers and sandals (when the sun finally arrives) will look lovely, too. Throw on a trench, leather biker or oversized denim jacket and you’re ready for spring. Never mind Gatsby’s green light, I’m reaching out for a green midi dress.

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