Is this the most well-timed fashion trend ever?

It’s lightweight, waterproof and one of the biggest trends to emerge from the latest fashion weeks

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

Most of the country got its first taste of spring last week, with the sun finally reminding us what the world looks like when we’re not plunged into snow, ice and despair. And just as we all dared to imagine which al fresco lunchtime spot we might like to try, or whether or not it’s warm enough to go without tights, it started raining again. But that’s OK – really, it is. Because fashion is ready for rain – heck, it might even be welcoming it, if the recent catwalks are anything to go by.

Eschewing less practical clothing of seasons past – which tends to ignore the elements completely and assumes we’re all living on a yacht in the Mediterranean for the entire year – fashion went waterproof. I’m not just talking a Burberry mac here, either – rather, a parade of rain hats, anoraks and wellies. A Chanel rain hat for £895? Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. An overriding theme was protection – against the weather, against whatever life is throwing at us. Which is a lot, as it happens. And the idea that fashion wants us to be prepared is actually reassuring, because it means that the high street is filled with practical clothes that fit into our daily lives. One such item is the anorak, which is, as it happens, the perfect coat for this time of year.

Obviously, it’s not hot. But when your winter coat feels a bit too stifling, and the threat of rain renders your suede jacket unwearable, the ideal solution is one of the high street’s current iterations of waterproof. It’s not a piece of clothing that suggests great beauty, I grant you that, but the current offering from the likes of Zara, Cos and Mango is actually great. Rather than shapeless swathes of material in hideous shades of green, there are red jackets with flattering, flared sleeves, hooded wonders that are nipped at the waist and oversized styles that will look excellent with jeans. Who ever thought an anorak could be so exciting? Thank you, fashion.

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