How to buy your New Year’s Eve jumpsuit in the sale

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Whether you’re staying in or going out, Hannah Banks-Walker extols the virtues of a NYE jumpsuit that you can find in the sales

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

I had sort of assumed that everyone loves jumpsuits as much as I do. Practical, easy and often chicer than some of their dress/trouser counterparts, an all-in-one has long been the thing I rely on for those moments when you need to look more dressed up than usual, but have absolutely no idea what to wear. But during a conversation with friends the other day, as we discussed NYE plans, one friend lamented the fact that she was going out-out to ring in 2019, didn’t know a lot of the people who would be there and was beside herself about what to wear. 

I suggested a jumpsuit. “If you get a tailored one and dress it up, you’ll fit into any sort of situation and/or dress code,” I said. She looked at me like I’d just told her to wear the last of the Christmas decorations on her head. “Why would I want to wear a onesie to a social gathering?” she asked in disdain. I tried not to be offended, then promptly excused myself in order to compile an email to her, filled with links to some of the high street’s best options. You know, much like I’m doing right now. Who says I’m not a good friend? Don’t answer that. 

There are all-in-ones for every body shape, making them one of the most democratic items on the market. If ever there were a way to ring in 2019, it’s surely by celebrating democracy?

Anyway, after seeing that jumpsuits are not, in fact, the work of the devil but a cool, very flattering alternative to dresses and separates, my friend had to eat humble pie and concede that I was right. I’m not smug at all; in fact, I’m just so happy that another person has joined my jumpsuit fan club. Moreover, as I was compiling my passive-aggressive list of all-in-ones for my friend’s perusal, I realised that they’re the dream NYE outfit. People’s plans tend to swing between staying in and pretending it’s not a thing and going out to overpriced clubs in which you’d never normally be seen dead. Of course, there are also those who throw house parties, attend house parties, take mini-breaks or just go for dinner. But a jumpsuit would be appropriate for all of those things! Somebody shout, “Eureka!”, because I’ve got it. 

It just so happens that, thanks to the current sales, many of the best jumpsuits that I’ve been eyeing up since long before Christmas are now subject to excellent reductions in price. Take, for example, this printed velvet number from Finery, which is now just £49. There are also a whole host of brilliant (and versatile) styles on offer at Boden, which has up to 50% off. Given that Lyst, the global fashion search platform, reports that searches for jumpsuits have been at their all-time high during the past three months, it’s no surprise that the entire high street has jumpsuits aplenty, in all colours, styles and at all different prices, too. And as The Pool team discovered only last year, there are all-in-ones for every body shape, making them one of the most democratic items on the market. If ever there were a way to ring in 2019, it’s surely by celebrating democracy? Thanks, fashion.

Click here for the best jumpsuits to buy in the sale 


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Photo: Boden
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