17 of the chicest slippers to not leave the house in 

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Christmas lockdown is about to begin – here's how to do it in style 

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Someone tell me what could possibly be worse than cold feet. Not the resurrected 90s drama – that was excellent – but actual, factual, literal cold feet. I live in London, which obviously means that I cannot afford to put the heating on. As a result, I constantly have cold feet unless I wander round the house in seven pairs of socks. Before you ask, I have resisted slippers because I could never find a pair I felt fulfilled all my criteria: warm (obviously), chic (I can’t help it) and not bulky or annoying. But – BUT – I went into M&S recently and it blew my mind. I’m not exaggerating. 

Question: do I want a pair of azure slippers, embellished like a pair of Manolos and boasting a snugly, fleecy interior? Answer: what do you think? And that is exactly what I found, glimmering away on the shelves like a rare diamond. But, hang on: what’s this to their left? Only a pair of pink, fluffy mules! I mean, it’s like I designed the slippers in M&S. 

It’s not just M&S, though – H&M has a pair of red satin slippers with a giant bow, John Lewis has a glitzy gold pair that will be just the ticket on Christmas Day and Topshop’s metallic/sheepskin slippers are just glorious. They’re all perfect for feeling like you’ve made at least a bit of an effort when your weirdo second cousins come round, without you actually having to make an effort. Which, for me, is what Christmas is all about. Kidding, it’s about these slippers. 

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Photo: Rex Features 
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