The gadget that means you’ll never have to iron again 

Crease-free clothes without a board in sight

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By Frankie Graddon on

Like many people, I have an issue with ironing. I hate it. LOATHE it. To me, ironing is akin to sticking ice cubes down your bra while being forced to watch Antiques Roadshow. To be avoided at all costs. I once finished with a guy who suggested I iron his work shirt for him. Clearly, he wasn't a keeper. 

Aside from the pure boredom factor, ironing is a dangerous activity. I’ve burnt my fingers on several occasions while wielding an iron and have lost count of the times I’ve dropped one on my foot. Of course, there was the time I melted a £400 swimming costume on to one during my days as a fashion assistant. (I’m not sure which part was more confusing: the fact a swimming costume could cost £400 or the fact I was trying to iron it.) So, yep, for me ironing is a no-go. 

My usual tactic is to avoid any clothing that requires getting rid of creases – polymix is very much my friend. But, occasionally, I have a hankering for a crisp cotton shirt or a wrinkle-prone dress and, on these days, I bring out my secret weapon. My mini steamer

The E8 Hand Held Clothes steamer, £26.95 from Morplan, is quite simply brilliant. Light and compact (so, great if you’re low on storage), it steams out creases a treat. It’s really easy to use: just fill up the canister with tap water, plug it in and wait until steam starts coming out of the nozzle. Hang your top/dress/trousers over the door and, holding the nozzle a couple of inches away from the fabric, run the steamer up and down until the wrinkles fall out. (Tip: turn your piece of clothing inside out in case there’s a rogue drip of water.) Once done, let it cool, then tip away any leftover water. One full canister should last you about 10 minutes, which is bags of time – a top usually takes me a matter of seconds. So, add quick to the list, too. 





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