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Thought PJs were boring? Think again

Far from mundane, Hannah Banks-Walker argues that a nice pair of pyjamas is, in fact, the ultimate luxury

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

It's Sleep Awarness Week, which is really excellent timing because I’ve come to the conclusion that I sleep better in nice pyjamas. This is obviously an exaggeration and I acknowledge that. But what is true is this: recently, I have decided to throw away my moth-eaten T-shirts, washed-out PJ bottoms that have lost their elastic and other miscellaneous items I have been using as makeshift pyjamas for the last decade or so. In their place, I am determined to have lovely, matching PJs that are as cosy as they are chic and as glamorous as they are practical. Yes, I know, this is extravagant and unnecessary and you think I’ve lost my mind. But hear me out.

A while ago, I bought my very first pair of Hush pyjamas. In many ways, I now feel like this should be a rite of passage for one and all, so comfy and luxurious are these sleep aids. And aid sleep they did, as previously I had been waking up too hot, too cold, disturbed in my slumber. Suddenly, I was the Goldilocks of bedtime, achieving a temperature that was just right, and all thanks to my Hush PJs. Then, I bought some silk PJs from John Lewis in the sale. I changed the sheets on my bed, put on my brand new nightwear, got into bed and promptly fell into some sort of bliss. It felt like the ultimate luxury, in my own home. 

I am Sophia Loren, wafting around the house in a nightgown. I am Audrey Hepburn in an oversized shirt, à la Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Now, I’ve caught the PJ bug. I’ve bought a few new pairs, so I currently have a collection of four on rotation: fleecy for when it’s really cold; silk for when I need to feel fabulous; cotton for, well, all the time; and even a pair with shorts for the summer months. The thing is, this has meant I’ve cleared out all the old bits of clothing I was keeping in case I needed something to sleep in, making more room in my wardrobe. It also means I don’t buy any random bits of clothing, telling myself that if I don’t wear them, at least I can use them as pyjamas. No longer, for I have matching nightwear that makes me feel glamorous, in that old-school Hollywood sense of the word. 

All I really want now is a nightdress from Three Graces London. Founded by Catherine Johnson in 2015, the brand makes the chicest sleepwear I’ve ever seen, from cotton midi dresses (in which to sleep!) to silk camis and lace-trimmed shorts. Unless somebody in my family is feeling very, very generous, however (a nightdress is around £260), I feel like this is one dream that won’t be realised. So, instead, I’ll console myself with Zara’s cotton nightdress (a bit Jane Austen and therefore excellent) or Gap's shirt, to fulfil my Hepburn ambitions. Or, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s range of PJs for M&S is one of the high street’s gems, with cashmere PJs at not completely extortionate prices (for cashmere).

Thanks to such glorious offerings from the high street, I am Sophia Loren, wafting around the house in a nightgown. I am Audrey Hepburn in an oversized shirt, à la Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I am none of these things. But it sure feels nice to pretend.

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