Photo: Claire Pepper
Photo: Claire Pepper


All I want for Christmas is… to have a tidy bag

And a new rose-gold wallet is just the thing Hannah Banks-Walker needs

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By Hannah Banks-Walker on

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Sometimes, when it comes down to it, your most fervent wishes tend to relate to the minutiae of life. I’m not talking about changing the world, or even attempting to change situations – rather, I’m talking about those little things in your life that tend to make your daily routine that bit easier.

For me, this means that I’m wishing to be more organised in 2018 – to cut out all the unnecessary stuff that’s clogging up my teeny tiny living space, my desk at work and, consequently, my brain.

I long to be the woman with just what I need, all kept in polished, chic accessories

I’m a bit of a hoarder – I tend to get very sentimental about inanimate objects for no real reason and, when I go on holiday, for example, I almost break that tiny conveyor belt at check-in with my overstuffed suitcase. The same could be said for my handbag, which I’m sure is currently giving me some sort of back injury, so heavy are its contents. I long to be the woman with just what I need, all kept in polished, chic accessories that won’t render me immobile by 2020.


And so I have decided that this starts (and possibly ends) with my purse. It is out of control. I wish I could tell you that this is because it’s overflowing with cash but, sadly, this is not the case. Instead, I have loyalty cards for shops I’ll never set foot in, receipts for nights out I can’t bring myself to look at and handwritten notes from friends I don’t know any more. I think that, were I to rid myself of this burden and instead have a shiny new space for just money (when I have it), essential cards (debit, Oyster, Monzo) and coins, the rest of my handbag – and therefore my life – would undoubtedly follow.

I want a purse that, when I whip it out in the pub, inspires envy in all my friends, as they consider how grown-up and put-together I am. I am a successful woman, the master of my own destiny and the owner of tidy, organised accessories. I never have too much, but just enough. I have more room for the things that really matter, rather than 843,929 receipts I don’t need. Yes, this is my Christmas wish. If I can achieve that, I’m pretty sure anything’s possible. I told you – it’s the small things.

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